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Credit Scores and Buying That First Home: 4/8/14 THV Interview

Credit scores influence a lot of things in our lives. Your score can mean the difference between being denied or approved for credit, and whether you receive the best terms you available. This week, I got to speak on air with Alyse Eady on THV's Money Matters segment to talk about how that all important score affects your ability to buy a home. 

The Importance of Home Inspections

For a prospective home buyer, it can often seem as though there are endless procedures and reams of red tape standing between you and your new home, and it can be tempting to eliminate what seem like unnecessary extra steps – especially if you think it might give you an advantage over a competing buyer. However, if the step you're thinking of cutting is the professional home inspection, there's one word of advice that you should consider: don't. Just like you wouldn't buy a used car without a vehicle history report or a thorough examination by a mechanic, you shouldn't open yourself to the risk of buying a home without knowing the potential health hazards and expensive repairs that may be part of the deal. In addition, don't underestimate the importance of home inspections as a bargaining tool; if problems are discovered during the inspection, you can require the seller to repair them as part of the deal, or use them to negotiate a lower price for the property.

Where Do Mortgage Rates REALLY Come From?

Mortgage rates are derived by the buying and selling of mortgage bonds, more specifically mortgage-backed Securities. So what is a mortgage-backed security? Mortgage-backed security, or a MBS, are investments, somewhat similar to stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Their value is secured, or backed, by the value of an underlying bundle of mortgages. When you buy a MBS, you aren't buying any actual mortgage. Instead, you are buying a promise to be paid the return that the bundle of mortgages will receive. An MBS is considered a derivative, because its value is derived from the underlying asset, in this case mortgages.

2014 Home Loan Rates Predictions: 12/3/13 THV Interview

Last week, I went on air with KTHV Channel 11's Ashley Blackstone for the weekly Consumer Tuesday's morning segment on what my predictions were for the 2014 housing market. Is 2014 looking like a strong year, or can we expect a hike in home loan rates? Watch the video below to see the full interview. 

Improving Home Sales: November 4, 2013 Interview with Deedra Wilson

According to the National Association of Realtors, existing-home sales increased in August and reached the highest level in six-and-a-half years. I sat down with Fox 16's Deedra Wilson to discuss what this means for Arkansas and if this trend will continue. Watch the interview below and read further down for more information. 

Our Home Loan Rates Are Down

We're happy to report our rates have dropped since last week. Our 30-year mortgage was 4.125 percent and is now 4 percent. Our 20-year mortgage has decreased from 3.950 percent to 3.875 percent. And our 15-year mortgage dropped from 3.25 percent to 3.125 percent. 

Upcoming Rates: Oct. 7, 2013 Interview with Ashley Blackstone

According to the National Association of Realtors, existing-home sales increased in August and reached the highest level in six-and-a-half years.  I got to once again visit the KTHV set and sit down with Ashley Blackstone earlier this week to tell everyone what this means for Arkansas and if this trend will continue.

Tales of Mythical Mortgages

The mortgage of your dreams ... made real! 

Rising Interest Rates and Tips for Home Buyers

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, applications for home loans and refinancing activity were down the first two weeks of August in response to rising interest rates. I got to go on the air with THV's Ashley Blackstone to discuss this trend and provide more information on how you can still find a good deal if you’re in the housing market. You can watch the interview now and read below for more information. 

Mortgages and the Self-Employed

Financial independence — the knowledge that you, not a corporation, control your economic destiny — is an empowering feeling and a huge motivating factor for people who become self-employed.

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