Set Apart- Jennifer Meschke

Posted by Emily Overstreet on Oct 1, 2019 11:05:55 AM

We are very proud to announce Jennifer Meschke as our September Set Apart employee. Jennifer is out of our Springfield, MO office where she truly does it all; her title is Loan Officer Assistant, but Jennifer is a major player at keeping her branch running smoothly.Jennifer Headshot 2017

Jennifer has been an asset to Bank of Little Rock Mortgage for 5 years now, though she has been in the mortgage industry for a total of 18. When she was in college at Missouri State University earning her finance degree, her famous words were that she would never work at a bank because they’re ‘boring’. Well, she quickly learned that was anything but true. Between juggling loan officer questions, gathering borrowers’ information and keeping our employee website up to date she barely has time to say the word boring. 

Jennifer has been married for 6 years and has a stepdaughter who is currently a sophomore at Truman University. When Jennifer’s not making the office run at full capacity you can find her in a cozy corner reading a book. One of Jennifer’s greatest qualities is how calm she is no matter what the situation, and I think we can thank her other hobbies for that amazing trait. She loves napping or binge watching the latest television series. She won’t always be found at home; she also enjoys camping and watching road-cycling with her husband. One of their favorite traditions is watching the Tour de France on television together.

Thank you for being a part of our team. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication! Here are a few other things Jennifer’s coworkers have to say about her:

“She totally takes over for me as an LO when I'm out. She has answers to like 99.9% of all questions pertaining to policy, procedures, programs, etc. and if she doesn't know something for sure, Google is her best friend!!! We are very lucky!!

“Jennifer is such a great asset! Her willingness to help out with any area either in her branch or another really show that she is a team player.”

“I got to know Jennifer over the last year since she has been helping me with Bedrock.  She is so wonderful at providing step by step instructions and worksheets to insure all our loans follow investor guidelines.  She is always available to help create instructions for others to help make their jobs easier.  She is a PLEASURE to work with!”