New Loan Program Allows 1% down payment

Posted by Scott McElmurry on Apr 11, 2017 10:55:10 AM

blog1.jpgIn the past, a 20% down payment was standard for conventional home buyers. Low down payment options were restricted to VA programs, USDA loans, or other government loans. Today there’s a new program that could let you purchase a home with just 1% down.


With the average cost of a house in the country approaching $200,000, saving up for a traditional twenty-percent down payment of $40,000 is a difficult and sometimes impossible task. Saving for a down payment was becoming a barrier to homeownership for a lot of people.


By introducing this 1% down program, we’re helping borrowers realize the dream of owning a home. Plus, when you just put 1% down you can keep more money in your pocket for emergencies or home repair and maintenance.


This loan is designed for people with a strong credit payment history who want to keep as much money in their wallet as possible when buying a home. And you don’t have to be a first-time homebuyer.

Borrowers must have:

                    Minimum FICO: 700+

                    Max Debt to Income Ratio: 43%


You may be wondering if buyers are putting so little down do they have to pay other fees? Standard closing cost apply; however, unlike other low down payment programs, this 1% program is a conventional loan that doesn’t require a monthly mortgage insurance premium. In fact, you may not even pay private mortgage insurance. As the lender, we can take care of that for you if you choose.

           1% Down Program 

  • Limited to single-family residences: home, condo or townhouse.
  • Not exclusive to first time homebuyers.
  • Borrower may not own any other residential property.
  • Applicable to 30 year fixed rate mortgages only.
  • Income restrictions may apply in some geographic areas.

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