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From the December KNWA interview with Chad Hartsfield, Jason Suel and Jaclyn House

No Headphones...No Problem.  See below for transcript.
the home-buying market is strong this
year many factors affect the housing
market and it's strong indicator of our
economic health as a country we've got
Chad Hartsfield branch manager Rock
Mortgage here to recap 2019 and discuss
what we can expect in 2020 Chad thank
you so much always great to have you
back thank you thank you thanks so much
for being here child
so let's talk about 2019 would you say
that that was a good year in the
homebuyer yeah it was a great year in a
home bank market interest rates were
very low so which drove up supply and
demand here so mid year demand was still
there okay but the housing plot supply
went away
hello interest rates everybody jumped in
right bought up the low affordable
housing but FHFA decided to raise loan
limits in 2020 and so in 2020 January 1
will know what those new loan limits are
and should increase home purchases know
it we did buy a home in 2019 now you
just talked about maybe 2020 seeing an
increase in those interest rates do you
think that will impact actually just the
opposite okay yeah what's good is Fannie
Mae and Freddie Mac told us about a
month ago to expect interest rates to
stay the same or go even a touch lower
in 2022 all the trade talk and
presidential election coming up in 2020
all right yeah Wow I think the election
would play a factor in home buying just
that just the changes in the market they
want to see it steady throughout the
whole year yeah and that's what they're
predicting is a steady flow throughout
the year interesting so if somebody's
looking for a house do you think demand
will continue to increase in 2020 most
definitely what we're seeing is
Millennials are seeing rents go up on
them so so what is jumping into the
housing market market yeah well
Millennials will fuel 2020 housing
market for us yes very interesting so if
you are a millennial yeah and you're
like okay cuz you figure that you're
working wherever you gonna be for a
little bit a little bit yeah okay should
I buy I might as well buy instead of
renting that way I have some equity and
I've got some ownership that's exactly
right then we still take that eques and
put that into another home for a lower
because I know it was trending to talk
about how Millennials were more
interesting and not buying exact like
that's it's flipped with rents going up
a hundred percent yeah yeah yeah now
somebody wants to maybe purchase a home
at twenty twenty how can they contact
you Jack I didn't go to rock mortgage
lending calm I contact us by phone you
can shoot me a text you can throw up a
fire signal for help out anyway you've
got anyway yeah anyway you will show
will show up

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