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Posted by Blake Montgomery on Jan 8, 2019 2:49:02 PM
Blake Montgomery

Is your New Year's Resolution to become more financially independent? Pave your path to home ownership in 2019. Watch Cody, Tina and Chris to learn more.

 From December KNWA interview with Tina Sewell and Cody Bookout

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Chris: "Tamra now 6:13 it's New
Year's is your new year's resolution to
become more financially independent stop
pain went to your landlord and pave your
own path to homeownership in 2019
well he'll tell us more about that Tina
Sewell and Cody book out with ROCk
mortgage just thank you for joining us
this morning we"
Tina: "thank you for having us"
Chris: "let's talk about the whole mortgage
outlook for 2019 it fluctuates monthly
it seems maybe even daily but what does
it look like one of the prospects for
Tina: "you know 2018 was a great year for
mortgage financing you know 2019 looks
to be just as promising and you know
now's a great time if you're looking at
possibly buying a house for the new year
come in meet with us let us get you
pre-approved so you'll know what price
range you're available to buy in"
Chris: "are there any major factors in 2018 that
could be impacted in 2019?"
Tina: "there are the
feds raised their primary rate four
times in 2018"
Chris: "is that common"
Tina: "sometimes
you know and so they have said that they
are forecasting that they'll raise those
rates gradually in 2019 even though you
know mortgage rates aren't tied to that
rate it does bring some change for us
also so"
Chris: "there you go Cody up where does
Arkansas stack up nationally with with
all of the rates and the just the the
prospects of 2019 being a good year for
Cody: "well our metro areas are continuing to
and then with that are are the the
average actually our prices remain much
lower in Northwest
Arkansas than the national average which
makes it a great opportunity for people
to come in
and get into that market whether it be a
primary home or an investment property
even looking into maybe a
larger city or mid-sized city it might
also help as well"
Chris: "I'm just curious
because Northwest Arkansas is always on
the list of best places to live in the
country beating out places like Dallas
and Kansas City where does Northwest
Arkansas really stack up with those
places like Overland Park Kansas or
Plano Texas some desirable areas in the
region for people to live because it
really seems Northwest Arkansas does
have that niche when it comes to
affordability and buying a home"
Cody: "right
and that's just it I think that a lot of
it has to do with the rates the cost of
living a lot of people prefer to live
here taxes are primarily lower and as
you can see there's a ton of areas that
are being built up look they're
everywhere you look there's a new new
subdivision coming up and rates are
coming up as our rates are are lower
this is simply because of that because
of the cost of living"
Chris: "It's amazing the
growth of things in this area we will have more
information about Rock Mortgage and this
interview on our website later this
morning on

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