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From the July KNWA interview with Robert Brown, Jason Suel and Jaclyn House

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some of you may have been planning on
purchasing a new home before the
pandemic or maybe after months of
staying at home you've decided it's time
to move a lot has changed in the last
few months and the home buying process
is no different with so much information
out there it can be confusing and
sometimes even contradictory so here to
help debunk some of the myths about
buying a home during the pandemic is ROC
mortgage loan officer Robert Brown hey
Robert Dunn good good to see you thanks
for zooming with us hey Rob thank you so
I like where we're going with today's
topic home buying myths so Robert tell
us is it safe to purchase a home right
now absolutely in fact I think it's a
perfect time to buy a house you know you
just want to make sure that you've take
proper precautions when you're looking
at them make sure your financial picture
is sound the process has gone virtual
and contacts this contact lists as much
as possible even if you choose to see
the home in person many realtors are
setting showings up to be touchless like
opening doors you know having the breeze
go through opening the back and front
doors so they could just walk through as
far as your financial picture go that is
a decision for you and your family need
to make together you know I understand
your debt to income ratio what is a
credit score is your income stable
that's actually a big thing right now
for self-employed people these are the
factors that I'll be looking at or other
lenders will be looking at to get you
qualified yeah absolutely so you gave a
lot of details there so my next question
I mean you've pretty much answered it
but the myth about this there's nobody
buying a home is that what you guys are
seeing at ROC mortgage or is that a myth
oh man it has been we I've been swamped
at everybody I know in the business has
been swamped or they either buying or
refinancing the business is absolutely
booming pending home sales index rose to
ninety nine point six in May 2020 the
highest month-over-month gains since the
inception in January and that's
according to the National Association of
Realtors so it's it's really Bowman and
lifestyles are changing so people are
looking at a different thing so people
are looking at pools you know maybe
taking cash out
rates as low as they are they're looking
at totally different ways to spend money
and use equity get a home and maybe stay
where they are I've been seeing a lot of
that yeah yeah what about the myth
some people may believe that you have to
have a full-time job right now to
qualify for a mortgage is that true
Robert it's not true I mean you know
with with with with something that is
less than full-time we're looking at a
trend or a history or history we just
have to make sure that the income is
consistent that's the main thing we're
looking at you know the ability to repay
the loan and we're just looking for
we're just making sure that everybody
has consistent income whether that's you
know 45 hours a week or whether that's
35 hours a week we're just looking at
that income over time yeah it may be a
money might be tight for a lot of people
right now what about people trying to
save for the next wave of rainy days do
you need that 20% down that's something
that we've talked about a lot yeah how
much money you need down to purchase a
home you know I that's the question I
get most often and people who assume
they can't buy a house it's because of
that there's actually a lot of different
loan types that we could offer other
lenders can offer that that achieve that
you can even do on a conventional loan
as little as 3% down there's a home
ready mortgage by Fannie Mae a home
possible mortgage bye-bye Freddie Mac
that we can offer do as little as 3%
down you've got VA loans if you're a
veteran you've got USDA loans and some
other different types of bond loans that
are out there as well there's just a it
the main thing is is get with your
lender and you know and talk about what
it is that you're trying to accomplish
and what you needed
worst case scenario that's what I always
tell everybody worst case scenario we
get you set up on a plan to get where
you want to be sooner rather than later
thank you so much mom we'll make sure
you have information on how to contact
Robert at ROK mortgage if you have any
questions about the home buying process
especially now during the pandemic
that's right Robert thank you so much
thanks guys yeah great day you
you know

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