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From the February KNWA interview with Chad Hartsfield and Jaclyn House

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Now mortgage rates have fallen to their

lowest level since 2016 uncertainties

about the global economy is happening as

well okay so that can definitely impact

how you want to buy a home or if you

even want to but now it'd be the perfect

time to buy a new home in luck in a new rate

andhere to go over the checklist of things

that you need to know on how you can

take advantage of these historically low

rates HF Hartzell from branch manager at

rock mortgage hey chat must have day to

talk to you Jackie appreciate you bringing me

back in always glad to talk to you even though

I'm a homeowner already it's just good

to kind of have these conversations in

case we move or just just so we know

exactly staying on the market about

these low rates so rates are the lowest

point they've been since late 2016

okay and what's nice is the last three

weeks rates have trickled down so now

they're below three and a half percent

so it's best we've seen for a refinance

or purchase so we're expecting a big

spring and summer buying season for sure

now if folks want to act on the low

rates how can they do that so first of

all I would say be prepared get you a

mortgage checklist okay

what's nice and go online go to our

website and download that or if they

apply online there's a refinance or a

purchase button you click that and put

any information so let's say your w-2

employee and as you put that in it'll

tell you please upload your w-2 so it

gives a checklist for you as you go

through the process okay

so what's kind of like the second step

and purchasing a home second step is go

back to what we talked about before

get pre-qualified all right yeah know

what payment you're comfortable with

what downpayment you're comfortable with

and what home loan that you fit into so

say France does that make sure in buying

a house and I say okay maybe I want to

spend $1,200 for my mortgage each month

but I get pre-qualified once I get

pre-qualified for more than what I think

I can pay should I just go for that like

if I say okay you're pre-qualified but

that means your mortgage will be $1,500

do I do it I know we'd like to

prequalify you for and let you know what

your top level is okay

do not have to go there go with

something that's comfortable perfect

example we've got a veteran closing on

loan he qualifies for 0% down for VA but

John said I'm not comfortable with that

pal and he said Kyle put some more money

down to bring that down lower I said you

could do that or go find a different

home so so he actually ended up finding

a different home in Missouri and so we

get him qualified for that and got the

payment he wanted so yeah great question

yes we've got a checklist for you guys

at home to take a look at especially if

you are in the home buying process or

just thinking about the home buying

process on things that you should do

Chad how can people at home reach you

guys at Rock mortgage I then go to our

website to Rock mortgage lending comm or

give us a call and we can email that

checklist to them if they would like and

so what it does it just lines them up

takes the stress away they know what's

coming and they build on from there

awesome and we'll have all that

information on our website as well as

the graphic that you just saw which is a

very useful checklist for you at home

as you know navigating my process which

can kind of be tricky which is why we've

got you.




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