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From the June KNWA interview with Robert Brown, Jason Suel and Jaclyn House

No Headphones.  No Problem.  See below for transcript.

welcome back June is national home on a
ship month and Covid 19 has put maybe a
smaller damper on Arkansas homeowners
dreams along with the rest of the
country but is there any indication of
optimism and the market we're here to
answer that we're gonna do a mid-year
review of the state of home ownership
here to help us it's Robert Brown loan
officer from Rock Mortgage hey Robert
Robert good morning hi good morning to
you so what makes this year's national home
ownership month a little different those
other years people don't know this but
national homeownership mine month
actually started as a week-long
celebration in the 1920s created by
local real estate associations and grew
into a month-long celebration initiative
created by HUD today we celebrate by
helping people realize the dream of
responsible home ownership this year's a
little different because the dream has
been put on hold for many Americans
however it's not all gloom and doom out
there yeah yes it is good to know optin
optimism what's the current state of
home ownership in your opinion Robert
well record numbers of Americans entered
into forbearance plans this year that is
when you delay or reduce your mortgage
payment for a predetermined agreed-upon
time with one big payment due at the end
to make up for the delayed payments you
know that's a risky plan for some but it
gives others the breathing room they may
need in the short term we've also seen
record numbers of people refinancing
their mortgages prompted by falling
interest rates this is good news in in
March nationally they were about three
point six five
they failed a three point four eight in
April and now I've seen a lot of rates
in the twos
Wow that's it's a really good time to
buy reap in a future yeah yeah that is a
big drop there with many people you know
we've been seeing at home right with our
families now do you expect this to
affect where and in what type of house
folks wish to live well you know bigger
homes are obviously needed right now
with everybody stuck in the house you
know but you know like a like a smaller
house like a condo that not really a big
thing in Arkansas
but those properties are 32% down over
last year we you know like I said 97% of
all single-family home purchases in
Arkansas are single family residents but
I'm sure if not you
I'm sure you've got at least a friend
that is complained about the lack of
personal space well being locked it
locked down at home there's a bunch of
different loan types for folks that can
get out of the city maybe like a US USDA
Rural Development Lao
maybe you can get you out of that
apartment and into a into a an actual
house for you give you a little bit more
space yeah it's so true I have heard a
lot of people say we're on top of each
other you know so this is a good time
for all of that yeah do you expect
consumer confidence to return anytime
soon you know the National Association
of Homebuilders reported a seven-point
uptick and confidence in May after
hitting an 8-year low and hateful we're
starting to see the economy the economy
opened back up in financial pictures
improve at the beginning of the year we
were talking a lot about buying power
Millennials who are at the stage in
their lives when it makes sense for them
to settle down and purchase a home in
fact first-time homebuyers accounted for
36% of sales in April compared to 34% in
March and 32% a year earlier how many of
these folks have already geared up to
purchase a home and if their jobs have
remained stable or taking advantage of
these low rates as we see more
confidence return obviously the numbers
are going doing for it yeah one final
question here quickly tell us if folks
maybe they are ready to purchase a home
maybe they got their finances in order
where do you suggest that they start you
know you can always contact us here ROC
mortgage talk about your options of
refinancing or just planning for the
future we're here for you and remain
committed to supporting the community
during this time whether you're
interested in learning about forbearance
refinancing or maybe you want to buy a
home for you and your family just go to
our website at Rock Mortgage lending com
or give us a call at four seven nine
three two one three three five five with
any questions we're always here to help
great Robert always great to chat with you
thank you Robert we appreciate it
absolutely thank you guys have a
wonderful day all right you two stay
safe Wow

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