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From the November interview with Chad Hartsfield and Jason Suel 

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we celebrated Veterans Day Monday and
we're honoring all those who have served
our country and kept us safe the GI Bill
provides many needed benefits to those
who have served our country including
the $0 down payment va loan Chad
Hartsfield branch manager at Rock Morgage
joins us to tell us more about VA loans
and how veterans can qualify again
thanks it's so great to have you back I
appreciate you having me on yeah yeah
I'm interested in learning more about
this so what is a VA guaranteed loan
first I'd like to say thank you to all
our military of quarter spouses
especially a be a guaranteed loan it's
something that was developed after the
Second World War in the GI Bill
dimension yes if to increase and enhance
homeownership amongst veterans they're
serving our country and not putting a
lot back so the zero down loan was
developed for them yeah that really goes
a long way that's long that's an amazing
thing that we have and who is eligible
for a VA guaranteed loan for a bit so
what we like to do eligibility is kind
of normal loan sure credit Deb and their
debts right but what we do is we have
veterans give us their DD 214 okay we
send that in to the Veterans
Administration and then they send back
to us what their eligibility is and it
depends on their service if they were
reservists or they know one of the big
branches of the military right so it
depends on their time of service and who
they were in service with so there's
some factors that go into determining it
but of course you're there to walk them
through that problem but of course yes
oh definitely and what's maybe what's
like required to obtain one of these
loans only goes back to the DD 214 yeah
so we send that out to the Veterans
Administration they send us back a form
called the Certificate of Eligibility
and it tells us exactly what that
veteran is qualified for gotcha
what are some of the like the benefits
or features of getting one of these
loans oh yeah so of course the zero down
yeah yes and there no mortgage insurance
throughout the life of the loan for that
veteran but a veteran has to pay an
upfront funding fee okay to the VA to
keep the program going for years and
years and years and so what's nice is
the seller can pay that on their behalf
if they need to but that funding fee
back to your Certificate of Eligibility
sometimes it tells us that that veteran
was disabled and they do not have to pay
that fee oh wow
so again it just goes back to I love the
fact that you all are so personable oh
and you work really closely with all of
your clients totally yeah don't go the
extra mile and what a lot of veterans
don't understand our spouses that lost
veterans sure they could qualify for
that VA loan as well okay oh yeah I had
no idea that's a great tip and where
where can veterans and their families
turn if they are interested in learning
more about these VA well oh well you can
always give us a call yeah or go to our
website ROC mortgage lending comm and
learn more about veterans and the
programs not only VA but other programs
as well that they might qualify for yeah
that's great
Chad thank you so much we always we
always love having you I always learn
something when you're here talking about
loans and mortgages so we appreciate oh
great thank you yeah absolutely

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