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Posted by Blake Montgomery on Dec 24, 2018 11:50:32 AM
Blake Montgomery

Pave your path to new home ownership in 2019. Watch Allan and Laura to learn more.

From the December KTHV interview with Allan Huddleston and Laura Monteverdi


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Laura: "if your New Year's resolution is to

become more financially independent
listen up Allan Huddleston with Bank of
Little Rock mortgages is here to
talk about next year's home buying
trends good morning and thanks so much
for joining us."
Allan: "thanks for having me"
Laura: "okay
so you're probably talking to the
perfect person right now who's
interested in buying a home for next
year but a little bit cautious so what is the outlook for next year"
Allan: "you
know I think overall the outlooks good I
think what we've seen this year in 2018
was a strong year you know interest
rates are still historically low they
did start to rise this year it's one
thing that we saw but overall they're
still low when you look at him
historically and that led to a strong
year not a record year by any means but
certainly but certainly a strong year
and I think we'll see that kind of kind
of lead into 2019 I think what you're
gonna see is most people feel that
interest rates are going to continue to
rise you don't know for sure there's
some unpredictability there but I think
that's the general consensus and I so I
think you're gonna see you're gonna see
buyers hop off the fence and they
started doing that this year
but they don't want to continue to wait
and see rates continue to rise they
don't want to get caught in that so I
think you'll see them jump off the fence
and I think it'll push 2019 even further"
Laura: "now for those people who are kind of you
know on the fence still sitting it what
are some things that you would suggest
to them to look at"
Allan: "yeah absolutely I
mean if you're on the fence you really
need to look at your personal situation
I mean whether it's your job I mean
whatever it may be all of our situations
are a little bit different so maybe
it's the right time for you maybe it's
not but I think if you're in a situation
where you know for the most part that
you're gonna be staying put then why not
you know there's there's just you know
nothing against the rental market but
your that's just money out the window
exactly you're not building equity in
the house so again I think you need to
look at your situation see if you think
for the most part it you're going to be
there long term and if you are then I
would say certainly need to look at home
Laura: "now this time of year I always
think you know people have their
resolutions what they want for next year
you see a lot of people kind of getting
ready to purchase a home this time of
year or just start thinking about it"
Allan: "I
think so I think so and again getting
back to getting back to interest rates I
mean that's not everything I mean let's
face it people look at purchasing home
for a lot of reasons they probably the
interest rate certainly but but
absolutely I think people are looking at
one thing that we've seen is that in
2018 rate increases kind of became a
reality you know there was a lot of
projection going into 2018 but then it
became real we saw interest rates rise
anywhere from three quarters of a point
to a full percentage point and that's a
big change that's a big movement that
impacts affordability of that loan so
absolutely I think people are looking at
that and they're saying you know what if
we're gonna do it and if it's right and
the time is right for us then now is
probably a good time of 2019"
Laura: "yeah sure
okay well thank you so much we
appreciate you so if you're on the fence
thinking about it where can they contact
you for more information ?"
Allan: "they can call us at Bank of Little Rock
Mortgage 501-219-9100 or they can go to
our website there's a lot of good
information there they can also complete
an application for pre-approval there
and that's"
Laura:"alright thank you so much I appreciate

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