Set Apart - Ellen Wester

Posted by Emily Overstreet on Sep 5, 2019 11:09:25 AM

Our August Set Apart employee is someone who we are very proud to have as a part of our team for almost 5 years now and that employee is Ellen Wester. Ellen is an Underwriter for Rock Mortgage and she is also our Florida/Alabama Regional Operations Manager.

Ellen is a remote employee, which you would never guess with how helpful and hands on she is with all her tasks and responsibilities. She is a huge asset to us in many wSupreme_0053-Ellen-colorays including helping operate and update all guidelines on our employee intranet. 

Ellen didn’t intend for the mortgage industry to be her long-term career but we sure are happy it did. She started as a temporary receptionist 23 years ago at a small mortgage company in Alabama, one thing lead to another and she became a processor which lead her to where she is today as an underwriter.

Ellen grew up in Memphis, TN and moved to Tuscaloosa when she started college at the University of Alabama. She decided that’s where she would plant her roots as a ‘Bama fan’ and include “Roll Tide” in all greetings from then forward. She has been married for almost 20 years and has two sons. Max, a senior in high school and David, a sophomore.

Outside of work Ellen enjoys all things University of Alabama. According to her, that is where she spends all her free time attending football games, gymnastic meets and any other sporting events on the college campus.

A few of Ellen’s coworkers summed up how we all feel about her below.


"Ellen is such an amazing person inside and out! We slam her with files to underwrite, clear conditions, ask crazy questions, and she is ALWAYS happy to help! Even when she says her turn times have increased to over 24 hours, she always gets caught up quicker than that email can go out. She is like a book of knowledge and has a heart full of love! She is constantly going above and beyond and makes this crazy job enjoyable! I absolutely enjoy working with her every day!!"


"We don't give this incredible woman enough praise! She is always so helpful no matter how busy she is, always has fast turn times, and genuinely cares about everyone!!"


"Ellen does it all from reviewing guidelines, running LP, instantly setting up a go to meeting to show me the process of setting up private mortgage insurance, and reaching out to the lock desk to confirm no change in pricing. Her attitude is so positive, and she is so pleasantly helpful."