Set Apart- Tonya Carrera

Posted by Emily Overstreet on Apr 16, 2020 10:17:48 AM


Our first employee to be recognized as Set Apart in 2020 is  positive, kind and helpful. The individual we’re talking about is, of course, Tonya Carrera.

A little about Tonya, she’s from Jackson, Mississippi where she lives with her husband of 28 years, an instructor at a local fire academy. She has two daughters; one is a high school history teacher and the other is currently in college to become an elementary school teacher. Tonya has always worked in financial institutions. Right after high school she began working as a teller at Sunburst Bank in Greenville, Mississippi.

Jumping forward to her current employment, Tonya has had many key roles within Bank of Little Rock Mortgage in her almost 4 years with the company. Tonya originally came on as a processor at our corporate office in Little Rock. Processing for a few of our leading producers kept her very busy, yet she still did it all with a smile on her face and joy in her voice. We quickly realized what an asset she was to have on our team, so when her family relocated to Mississippi in 2019, we knew we just could not let her go. Tonya now works as a remote employee in Brandon, MS, where she is our Systems Coordinator. She helps streamline our loan process from application to funding.

Outside of work, Tonya loves spending time with her family and shopping with her daughters. She also enjoys going to the movies with her husband nearly every week. Tonya is very family-oriented, so even when they’re not out shopping or seeing a film, you can almost count on them all to be together.

Here are a few things her co-workers have had to say about her:

“Tonya helps with everything and anything we need. Always in a great mood and positive. Lucky she came back to the Team!!”

“Great communication and keeps you informed of upcoming tasks that need to be done.”

“I am new to Rock Mortgage, but she has been there to answer any questions I have. Also creating the Encompass worksheets, etc…..the list goes on.”

“Tonya is one of the kindest people I have ever met, in or outside of work. She will do anything to help ANYONE succeed. She really is a team player and a great friend.”