Set Apart - Zack Jeffs

Posted by Emily Overstreet on Jun 26, 2020 10:09:22 AM

We are very proud to announce our second employee to be recognized as Set Apart in 2020 is Zack Jeffs. Zack is in our Rogers office where he is an essential part of the daily operation. His title is Loan Processor, but really, Zack is so much more!

Zack has been with Rock Mortgage since January of 2020. He may be new to our team, but he is not new to the mortgage industry. He has been a loan processor for 5 years; almost 4 of those years spent as the lead processor for his previous company.

Zack JeffsZack is from Southern Utah but grew up all over the Western United States. He moved to North West Arkansas in February of 2019 with his family. Zack is married to his lovely wife Ashley and they have 2 and a half kids! (Ashley’s expecting!) Their family consists of Jaycee (3 y/o daughter), Lawson (2 y/o son) and Leo (he’s a husky). Zack and his family enjoy being outdoors doing anything from fishing to hunting, or just building the next project his wife thought up. He is an aspiring farmer and he hopes to have a small ranch again soon where he can hopefully have a few animals.

Are you thinking you recognize Zack? Well, maybe you saw him on the TLC show, Breaking the Faith where he appeared in 7 episodes.

Some of Zack’s proudest accomplishments are, of course, being a father and husband. He has also purchased and flipped a house by the time he was 22. In the future he hopes to become a lead processor again and become the absolute best he can at his job.

Thank you for being a part of our team. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication! Here are a few other things Zacks’s coworkers have to say about him:

"Zack is SUCH a hard worker. His workload is unbelievable sometimes, but I've never heard him complain. He is always very positive and answers all of my questions (which is a lot, trust me). We are so thankful to have him in our office!!!!"

"Zack bends over backwards to help me on a daily basis! He has taught me so much, and is the best processor!"

"He is the only processor I've worked with as I am in my first year in this career BUT he has been nothing but amazing! Always there to help with any and all questions I have, always happy even on the crazy busy days!"